Green FinTech Forum

The Green FinTech Forum (GFTF) is intended to be a collaborative and active global community for anyone involved or interested in projects and businesses that contribute to making not only the global financial system more inclusive but also the global economy greener.

Our mission is to help financial technology businesses transform the global economy into a sustainable one, by fostering collaboration between all of the international community’s different stakeholders, to reshape the global financial infrastructure.

The group aims to facilitate discussions between members on themes that may be of interest to them, including, but not limited to:

  • Challenges and opportunities of climate change
  • ESG factors (definitions)
  • ESG in project/ business valuation
  • Green funding options (angels, VCs, crowdfunding, etc)
  • Impact of crypto (good v bad)
  • Carbon debt, financial markets and tax
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Central Bank digital currencies
  • Role of regulators, governments and SupraNational Bodies
  • Greenwashing

Participants, governance and more

Individuals working in financial services, technology, FinTech, users of financial services (such as businesses, government agencies and non-profits), and anyone who can contribute to the discussions, and more importantly assist in actionably furthering FinTechs’ efforts, is welcome.

In addition, partner organisations are welcome to join and support the Forum in any way they can.

The Forum is managed by P27 and overseen by the GFTF Board, chaired by Geilan Malet-Bates, whose role is to define the Forum strategy, approve scope and guidelines for the discussions on the LinkedIn group, organise webinars to kick-off new themes to discuss solutions to transition to a greener economy and serve as support to the community’s members.

The events should lead to concrete actions to support green fintech projects globally. And influence the agendas of financial institutions, governments and international bodies.

Join now via our registration page.

If you would like to know more, become a partner, join the Board or speak at an event, please contact us: