Strategy and Finance

Strategic & Financial Management Services designed to help larger businesses change and increase their value, sustainably.

We help larger businesses and select SMBs bridge expertise gaps in their strategic project team; ensure projects align with the strategy; improve key value drivers such as sales, earnings, investments and ESG factors; and achieve whatever they need.

Below are examples of what we do:

  • Strategic project team search
  • Project portfolio management support
  • Change governance advice
  • PMO (CMO) set-up – real & virtual
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  • Funding advice – debt, equity & crypto
  • Asset valuation – project & business
  • Risk management support
  • Geopolitical risk review
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  • Future ESG state identification
  • Current ESG state (gaps) assessment
  • Business case preparation
  • Project management
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We facilitate partnerships between financial services, fintech, mobility, cleantech and other organisations committed to positive change.
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We offer leadership development services in partnership with inchigo.
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These services are delivered by the Strategy & Finance Practice led by Mauro Tortone.

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