Advice for Larger Businesses

Change or Die.

In the post-COVID, deglobalising, climate-challenged world the old business mantra ‘Grow or Die’ should be replaced with ‘Change or Die’. If change means growth for your business, beware that when approached incorrectly growth can destroy value. Ultimately, you want to increase the value of your business, which now must account for Environment Social Governance (ESG) Factors.

Our larger business clients ask for expert advice on subjects such as Strategic Change (project & portfolio management), Project Management Office (PMO), Virtual PMO, ESG Factors (strategy, integration, etc), Capital Markets (bonds, equities, etc), Business Digitisation, Business Development (business matching) and Integrated Risk Management (major risks including geopolitical).

Lead: Mauro Tortone.

Please try our Strategic Change Diagnostic Tool to assess your change team gaps and ensure you are change-ready, if you are looking for more than a one-off consultation.

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