Venture Support Programme

Venture support programme

When approached incorrectly, growth can destroy value.

The P27 Venture Support Programme (VSP) helps ambitious small and mid-sized businesses – from the Idea stage onwards – grow. It is based on the hard lessons learned from the collective experiences of our team, who have advised smaller businesses over many years through close links to London-based digital hubs, specialist universities and business forums. Over 300 digitally focused businesses have benefited from this business advice since 2009. Over 4000 general businesses since 2005.

The programme offers structured consultations for founders and leaders seeking business growth through the completion of a series of milestones (e.g. Funding, Testing, Production, etc.), part of an agreed roadmap. Delivered via one-to-ones, remotely or on-site, it helps them complete key deliverables for each milestone, such as Business Plan, Compliance Review, and many others. The VSP team, by working with the clients, guide their businesses to experience sustainable growth.

The VSP difference is the grounded, specialised, understanding the team brings, combining many decades of business experience.

All advice is within the SFEDI code of conduct.

Lead: Julian D Blick.

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