Work with Us

If you are an independent expert, work with us. We are expanding our network.

We are looking for experienced, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy professionals who can help small & mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and larger ones in selected countries change in sustainable ways.
The business expertise we are after includes business
change, business development, business planning, digitisation, ESG integration, financial markets, green finance, leadership development, marketing, regionalisation, risk management, valuation and more.

We know you have questions…

Our network can assist independent experts like you in discovering new projects within exciting areas of strategic sectors, such as fintech and cleantech. Additionally, we can support you in executing these projects, as our management and community of practice will provide the necessary backup when things don't go as planned.
To work with us you must have either an invite from an Associate/ Lead or all the following:
  1. Expertise in one or two business areas (functions): Marketing, Finance, etc
  2. Three years of *relevant* work experience
  3. Degree or professional qualification
  4. Right to work in one the countries in scope (see below)
  5. Presence on LinkedIn or similar
  6. Values in line with ours
*Registrations are subject to review and approval by P27*. Our experts are normally sole traders.
At present, besides the UK, we want to have experts based in the following countries:
  1. APAC - the ASEAN (Singapore and Vietnam only), Australia, Japan and New Zealand
  2. EMEA - the EU, Israel, Monaco, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey and the UAE
  3. LATAM - Brazil
  4. NA - Canada and the United States
  1. REGISTER - become a P27 Network Member (select Expert account)
  2. CREATE PROFILE - enter bio and info such as past roles and projects you are after
  3. WORK WITH US - join an internal project or client one... BECOME AN ASSOCIATE/ LEAD
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P27 will retain a percentage of the fee that the client pays for the expert's work, whether it is charged hourly or daily. The percentage will vary depending on the expert's role and contribution to internal or client projects. Expert members are free to work on projects outside of the P27 Network. Most assignments will likely be part-time, ranging from 1 to 20 hours per week, and will be primarily be remote.

If this is for you and you have an invite/ the requirements above, please register.

In case you are not ready to register, kindly check out our Jobs section, where we advertise various job roles for our clients and partners, as well as positions that we anticipate will be in high demand soon and do not currently have a match within our network.