Green Business Marketplace

The Green Business Marketplace (GBM) is where businesses find solutions to transition to a greener and fairer economy.

The GBM is in beta testing.

To find or list a green solution, you need to be a P27 Business Member (BM). Open a free Business Member account now via our registration page.

If you are already a BM but do not have access to the marketplace yet, please contact

A curated selection of tech & tech-enabled start-ups, scale-ups, established pure plays and units of larger businesses, based anywhere in the world, that offer business solutions to help business clients of all sizes transition to a greener and fairer economy.
Businesses or other organisations, based anywhere in the world, looking for green solutions they cannot or do not want to develop in-house.
In this phase, we prioritise solutions for the following sectors: Finance, Mobility, Energy and Food, but providers of solutions for other sectors are welcome to submit a request to list. (Nuclear power is out of scope - we do not consider it to be green, primarily because of the unresolved problem of radioactive waste disposal.)
The Business-to-Business (B2B) solution provider should be an incorporated entity and active (alternative structures are also considered, including legally compliant DAOs). It must have a Minimum Viable Product, a team of two or more people, and a HTTPS website in English. If your solution does not have the minimum requirements, please feel free to tell us about your project, we can help you list.
If you want to find a solution, see the Searching process page. If you want to list a solution, see the Listing process page.
See the Plans page.
Solution providers: inclusion in the GBM generates attention for the business on the part of potential business clients, business partners, new workers and other stakeholders.
Solution buyers: the GBM shortens the time required to find the right solution (partner) and reduce the environmental impact/ take advantage of the green economy.