Plans for Listing Owners (solution providers)

1 - Listing

Listing (subject to due diligence)

Basic Rating Report (one-pager, one off)

Advice on rating (15 min, one off)

Best effort tech support

2 - Premium
From £500
Per month

Listing (subject to due diligence)

Monthly Report: P27 ratings, sector views and more

Advice on rating, biz dev and more

Priority tech support


The P27 Rating Report helps Solution Buyers (SBs) evaluate solutions for strategic Buy decisions. It also helps SBs evaluate potential strategic partners. Our ratings use a blend of quantitative and qualitative metrics (including environmental and social impact), which evolve as we get more feedback from the market participants.

Plan 2 has no minimum duration – a business can cancel anytime. The advice is delivered via one-to-one meetings, online or on-site (when possible). If a business cancels the subscription to Plan 2, it will be moved to Plan 1. Businesses can delist anytime.

The standard Plan 2 (£500) includes a 2-page report (ratings & sector views) and 30 min per month of advice. Additional information and one-to-one time as well as ad hoc services can be added – subject to a custom subscription agreement.

Businesses based in the UK will be charged VAT on top of the fees above.


Plans for Solution Buyers

We offer SBs free access to the GBM – they just need to register as a Business Member, asking for access to the marketplace. (Business member registration and access to the GBM are subject to approval by P27.) We also offer SBs custom plans for a fee. These plans may include ratings, potential solution/ partner shortlists, solution implementations and more.

Please contact us for more details.