Expert Onboarding

The following steps describe in more detail the Expert Onboarding Process, which new experts have to follow to work with P27 as Associates.


The Expert registers and becomes a P27 Network Member (selecting the Expert account type). P27 then reviews the Expert registration info and either approves the Account, asks the Expert for additional info or rejects the application.


After P27 has approved the Expert Account, the Expert enters bio and other info in their Account Profile, so that s/he will be included in P27 project role searches.


When an Expert invited to join a project (internal or client) provides a valuable contribution to the development of the business, s/he becomes an ASSOCIATE.

When an Associate leads a programme or provides website content that generates revenues is named LEAD and may appear on the Team page.

(The number of Associates is limited to 20, at present. It will increase as our member base grows, over time.)


These include business proposals (for clients, prospects or partners), blog articles, working papers, business tools and more. Such work is normally carried out by Associates and not paid for. However, Associates receive a higher percentage of revenues from client projects.
When P27 finds a client project matching an Expert, we:
  • ask the Expert for an up to date CV (Resume) with two references (note that if you are introduced to us by a P27 Associate or Manager, you only need one additional reference. And if you have an external profile on a website such as LinkedIn with endorsements/ recommendations, you may not need any additional reference)
  • send project details to the Expert
  • organise a 'prep' Skype or Zoom meeting with the Expert (if s/he likes the project)
If in the meeting both the Expert and a Lead agree to go ahead with the project role application, we:
  • offer the Expert to enter into a formal agreement with P27, and then
  • send the candidate's CV to the client and possibly arrange an interview with the client
P27 will retain a % of fee (hourly or daily rate) paid by client to P27 for the experts’ work. The % will depend on role and contribution to either internal or client projects.

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