Green Macro: a cleantech investment operation

Business Change

We started Green Macro, an alternative investment operation (proprietary), which runs hedge fund strategies seeking alpha by:

  • investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and individual stocks (shares, ADRs and GDRs) of good firms to gain exposure to the cleantech sector
  • taking advantage of short term macro opportunities, trading CFDs and futures (government bonds, forex, commodities and stocks)

The operation may be moved into a fund with a dedicated manager at a later stage.


If you are a member, learn more about the core strategy by downloading the launch paper:

P27 Green Macro

Alternatively, contact the Team Lead who worked on this project:

Mauro Tortone

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Mauro advises financial services, technology and automotive businesses. He also leads the Strategy & Finance practice. His expertise: strategic change, capital markets and more. Mauro has over 25 years of business experience in finance and other sectors, working on projects for institutions such as UBS and Deutsche Bank as well as smaller financial/ fintech and non-financial companies across Europe, the US and Asia.
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