Strategic Change at fast-growing asset manager

Business Change

We helped the directors of a fast-growing firm manage £100M in assets, many invested in alternatives (including sustainable projects), and implement major business changes for strategic and regulatory reasons. We did so by adopting a Virtual Project Management Office (PMO) approach and Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Some of our change project activities:

  • Conducted an internal financial review to improve key financial ratios
  • Reviewed portfolio system, business plan and company valuation for capital raising
  • Started a programme for establishing investment funds in offshore locations
  • Engaged with finance houses for capital introductions for funds and exchange listing of funds
  • Initiated partnerships with an EU Bank (CFD & ETF trading) and a firm for due diligence on investment products
  • Led the selection process of compliance consultancy for the FSA (now FCA) S166
  • Started an IT project to introduce process automation to increase productivity and reduce op risk

We also attended board meetings as an observer to fully understand the challenges.

It took us a year and a half (circa) to implement the changes.


To learn more about the implementation of the change, please contact us:

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