Project Portfolio Management as an ongoing process


We helped the senior management team of a technology company implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM) as an ongoing business process, based on investment practices, in order to ensure strategic alignment of projects and maximisation of value.

Some of the deliverables of the project activities we led:

  • PPM working group with representatives from core functions and regions
  • Standards for the selection, funding and governance of projects
  • Basic supporting processes and tools, using common technologies (iShare and Excel)
  • Pilot in one of the functions, in select countries
  • Roll out across core functions and regions and then switch to Business As Usual (that is PPM as an ongoing business process)
  • Plan for “Phase 2” (tailored implementation of a PPM technology platform for advanced supporting processes and tools)

It took us about a year to design, develop and roll out the PPM process across functions and regions.


If you are a member, learn more about the project by downloading the case study slides:

P27 project and portfolio financials: how to manage projects like Warren Buffett

Alternatively, please contact us:

Mauro Tortone

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Mauro advises financial services, technology and mobility businesses and leads the Strategy & Finance practice. His expertise is in strategic change, capital markets and more. Mauro has over 25 years of experience working with banks such as UBS and Deutsche Bank, smaller financials, fintechs and others across Europe, the US and Asia. He sat on the CISI Corporate Finance Forum Committee for ten years and is passionate about sustainability.
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