Organizational Transformation via B Corp Certification

B-corp certification

We helped a leader in experiential travel drive organizational transformation and become a leader in sustainability. The organization’s goal was to attain B Corporation (B Corp) certification, refocus the company on triple bottom line outcomes, and position itself as a thought leader in sustainability.

We began by designing and executing an internal values assessment process to understand how different stakeholders within the organization thought about sustainability. And to create a series of initial benchmarks for the company’s environmental, social, and governance metrics as a dry run for the B Impact Assessment process.

This gave the entire organization a clear understanding of its path to B Corp certification. And laid the groundwork for a transformation initiative to focus the executive leadership and middle management on key areas of improvement and change. We also ran a robust board education process to bring all stakeholders into alignment.

With everyone aligned, we ran the B Impact Assessment process. Which included the transformation of many different parts of the organization. From operations to finance to governance. As part of the process, we built all the required disclosure documents. And created a transparent feedback loop with the organization so that all stakeholders could have visibility and contribute.

Once the organization was certified, we built an internal and external communications plan.

Some deliverables included:

  • Strategic ESG framework
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Measurement of ESG performance
  • Organizational transformation
  • B Impact Assessment
  • Communications plan

It took us under 3 months to run the entire process and resulted in increased metrics across ESG, better employee engagement, and tighter corporate mission and values.


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Paul Bennett

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As a 2x founder (Context & Cicero) I have lots of hands-on experience with building, growing, and exiting a business. I love diving into the thorny problems with founders, executives, and boards; and am equally comfortable working on marketing strategy as I am thinking through organizational design or a financial model. As board chair at Sustainable Travel International and as a consultant, I'm also comfortable working with boards and investors, and I've done quite a bit of work evaluating build/buy scenarios and investigating M&A opportunities.
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