Scaling to Nasdaq listed unicorn

A disruptive online sports betting start-up launched an ambitious journey to transform online gambling. The client wanted to gain market share and become a leader, positioning themselves as the first social betting mobile platform. They also wanted to leverage gamification and be responsible.

The start-up called on us to help them with their branding and commercial strategy at a critical time. They were facing significant challenges in brand positioning and customer retention.

The challenge

As with most disruptive innovations, the main challenge of gaining market share comes from implementing the right business strategy with the right people. The leadership team’s vision, the marketing strategy and the operational processes were all misaligned. They needed better positioning, planning, communication and execution processes.

Brand positioning, customer acquisition & retention strategy, cross-functional communication and execution processes had to be created. Without these, the client wouldn’t be able to become one of the industry leaders in the UK.

In addition, key managers and technology tools were missing in key areas of the organisation. This was causing them a major struggle in entering new parts of the market.

The solution

To solve this challenge in the shortest time, we knew that we had to focus on revamping the commercial strategy, finding key managers and tools to support the strategy, and improving the internal communications and strategy execution processes.

First, we created a commercial action plan that would fit with the brand positioning in the client’s business plan. We defined the right acquisition channels and partnerships, according to the business plan’s targets and budget.

We spotted missing key managers to implement this. And immediately initiated the recruitment of the best talents for these roles. For instance, CRM Manager, Programmatic Buyer and Partnership Manager, Head of Business Intelligence, Customer Support Manager, and Responsible Gaming Manager.

Next, we identified the best tools to automate as much as possible CRM, KYC and more. This enabled the client to reach their new commercial targets.

Once the resources were established, we all collaborated on an efficient cross-department communication programme, creating better processes for planning, reporting and continuous improvement.

The benefits

One year later, after implementing the solution, the revenue increased by 30%, customer retention increased by 40%, IT deliveries increased by 100%, and customer satisfaction rate increased by 25%. The new commercial strategy with the right acquisition channels and partnerships, the revised compliance thresholds, the internal communication system, and the customer journey data analysis were critical.

With our support, the client was able to merge with the world’s leader of land-based casinos to conquer the US digital market and list on the Nasdaq for a valuation of $3.4 billion.

“Our vision and product are inspiring the whole industry today, this achievement is beyond our biggest dreams, thank you for your contribution to making this dream come true”, said the CEO of the client.


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Deyvis Bebicaci

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Deyvis is an advisor and ICF certified business coach helping early-stage and small businesses grow and scale. He founded 4 different companies in consumer goods retail distribution, green energy, hospitality and sustainable food industries, where he generated millions in revenues. His passion is to help entrepreneurs go from where they are to where they want to be in the most mission-driven way.
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