Battery Investment Facility: Request for Information

The GFI to bring the BIF to market and appoint partners

Battery Investment Facility
Credit: Unsplash

The GFI has been developing the Battery Investment Facility (BIF) for 18 months and now seeks to progress it towards capital raising and procuring a Fund Manager.

The BIF will bring together public and private capital to unlock investment into companies who can contribute to a successful battery supply chain. It has potential to support at different stages in the scale up journey: at an earlier stage where companies move from grant funding to mainstream finance, and at a later stage to unlock the larger scale capex companies need to start building out their operations. The BIF could also apply to adjacent sectors including power electronics and hydrogen fuel cells.

Ahead of a procurement process, the GFI is requesting information, which will be reviewed and used to bring the BIF to market and appoint the right partners.

If you provide fund management services and are interested in helping the GFI:

Download the Request for Information

(Note that the deadline for responses is 6 March 2024 at 5pm.)

Alternatively, contact us to learn more. P27 is a member of the Coalition for Decarbonisation of Road Transport (CDRT), led by the GFI and backed by the UK Treasury.

The P27 Team


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