Event recap: The Leaders required for a sustainable economy

Takeaways from the 25 January webinar

Leaders required
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On 25 January 2022, we hosted The Leaders required to support the transition to a sustainable economy. An online presentation where Russell Saunders, Partner at inchigo, a P27 Strategic Partner, shared their human-centric approach to business leadership development. Mauro Tortone, Director and Advisor at P27, chaired the event. Founders and leaders from around the world attended the event. Here are some of the takeaways.

The new capabilities of the Leaders required

The 21st Century is placing unique demands on our leaders. The transition to a sustainable economy requires an evolution in how leaders show up and utilise their inner resources. To have the desired impact it is no longer sufficient for good managers to call themselves leaders. Self-awareness and self-knowledge, allied with constant development and the ability to host critical conversations are what differentiate good leaders from great leaders. No matter the size of your organisation.

Leaders need new capabilities if they are to create a sustainable economy:

1. Focus on the Inner Game – what do I need to develop or grow in my inner operating system that will allow me to have a greater impact on that outside?

2. Purpose-driven – define and act from your purpose. Build bridges between your purpose and creating a Sustainable Economy.

3. Storytelling – creating telling stories which bring the sustainable economy and your purpose to life. Use them to inspire conversations… even push back and challenge. Conversation is the unit of systemic change and leaders can utilise energy, even if critical or cynical, to their advantage.

4. A new perspective on collaboration – Inner Collaboration – with Agile being introduced more and more as a way of working and with the fast-paced changes to many teams and project teams, it is increasingly important to develop the individual’s capacity to collaborate rather than the team’s capacity to collaborate. We believe this work starts on the inside exploring situational identity, perspective-taking and empathy.

About the speaker

Russell is a highly sought after and skilled facilitator, coach and MC. He is equally comfortable and effective working with individuals, teams or large groups. He began his working life in sports and then shifted sharply into the Performing Arts before jumping into business. Russell brings the skills and insights he developed in his previous careers as a tennis player and coach and then as an actor to engage, communicate and inspire the people he works with. He utilises his passion for the development of people and organizations and his experience of working with the senior levels of many businesses to create programmes that explore the skills, the mind-set and the techniques for Leadership, Engagement and Change.


For more, please download The Leaders required slides – courtesy of inchigo. Please note that we did not record this webinar – we held it under the Chatham House Rule and some of the content was confidential.

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