Event: The Amazon, Agritech and FoodTech – The Trifecta Saviours of Human Survival?

Charting a sustainable future: Agritech, FoodTech, and Finance’s role in Amazon preservation

Leaders to transition to a sustainable economy

On 28 February at 14:20 UK time, Geilan Malet-Bates, Green FinTech Forum Chair, P27, will be moderating The Impact Programme (I) panel event at 4YFN in Barcelona. A 40 min session to interlink human/ commercial activities in different parts of the world and their effects on the Amazon Rainforest.

Questions the panel will answer:

What role do forests and nature play in regulating our climate and in therefore helping the fight against increasing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions? What does it mean for our food supplies? What does it mean for natural ecosystems at large and the climate? How can FinTech and AgriTech support a healthier Amazon and healthier world? What does it mean for the Paris Agreement and attainment of the SDGs?

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