War in Ukraine: P27 response

This is our response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

P27 stands with the people of Ukraine and strongly condemns Putin’s invasion.

We applaud the concerted actions taken so far by the EU, the UK and the US and other countries, as well as by businesses and other organisations to help Ukraine and isolate Russia.

We also applaud all the individuals and local communities around the world that are helping the people of Ukraine, collecting and sending food, medicines and vital equipment desperately needed there, including amongst them, the many Russian civilians who themselves have friends and family in Ukraine and who are opposed to this war.

For our part as a business services firm focussed on aligning entities with sustainability, we do not do business with Russia and do not intend on doing so, certainly whilst the war on Ukraine continues, and beyond that until such time that Russian governance is aligned with efforts for a more peaceful and humane world.

The P27 Team


Useful links

UN Crisis Relief – Ukraine Humanitarian Fund
UNHCR – Ukraine emergency
British Red Cross – DEC Ukraine Appeal
GoFundMe – crowdfunding for Ukraine


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